De Lijnen the Lines les Lignes

Lines - Cedric Libert19

Poetic in a certain way, drawings made by architects very often express logical rigor together with whimsical fantasy. They are instruments of research when ideas are still under construction and operate within an intermediate state of uncertainty but determination. Fragile and strong at once, paper ephemera embody a condition of already-but-not-yet.

Equally is it an autonomous language of architecture organizing visions and ideas in a quintessential way From Piranesi’s sublime ruins, to Mies’ canonical collages or Leon Krier’s polemical cartoonish manifestoes, it has supported major contributions to the architectural narrative and critical discourse.

We might as well consider the abstract nature of drawings, open to interpretation or reconfiguration- unlike images that tend to freeze representation close to reality, with no further surprise or unexpected potentials.

Drawings create worlds in their own way.

Collected from architects, the drawings displayed thoughout the entire exhibition relate to their own work or research, they also might have been made during travel or even come from open-eyes rêveries. In a slight reference to Aby Warburg’s idea of multiple visual or semantic correspondences that underline relationships between images, drawings will be arranged in a form of inventory order; constituting series of chapters in this way.

de Lijnen the Lines les Lignes aims to present a miscellany of drawings for their intrisic beauty, as well as to establish associations of forms/shapes – pure geometrical system of organizing elements of architecture; level of abstraction or realism; fragments and
globality; stage of development in the architectural process; scale – from landscape to furniture; strict order or unformal patterns; any other distinctive feature that still needs to be uncovered, depicted and named.

Lines - Cedric Libert2

Architecten de Vylder Vinck TaillieuLines - Cedric Libert3 Lines - Cedric Libert4 Lines - Cedric Libert5 Lines - Cedric Libert6 Lines - Cedric Libert7
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Sou FugimotoLines - Cedric Libert23
Simona Denicolail & Yvo ProvoostLines - Cedric Libert24
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de Lijnen the Lines les Lignes is an exhibition project about the drawings of architecture, curated by Cédric Libert. Conceived as a recurrent series, it ran monthly from spring 2014 within the window space of the Bouwmeester Atelier, Ravenstein Gallery in Brussels.